Who can use The Shacks?


The Shacks is the perfect way to spend time outside without the expense of purchasing all the equipment and gear. This is a great opportunity to enjoy an outing in a safe, private environment that is fun for all ages. The Shacks guarantees that memories will be made!


Hanging at The Shacks is the coolest way to spend time with your closest friends while enjoying a sport you love. The best part? Even if you don’t hook the big one, you’ll still have big fun!

Corporate Team Building…

Take a break from the board room and book a private conference at The Shacks. This all-inclusive experience means that the only thing you need to bring are your clients, co-workers or staff. And for your comfort, no neckties are allowed.

To provide you with the safest experience possible, we take 30-minutes between bookings to allow for proper ventilation followed by cleaning and sanitizing.

– Shacks Staff

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